Of all the asset classes that a strategic asset allocation model depends on for that elusive alpha, the venture bit delivers the most. Identifying those essential startups that align with your institutional vision would be pivotal in driving the strategic returns. Our team at FinLead have had various runs through the startup cycle and will be able to make sure that stellar startups are a quintessential element in your portfolio. 

Institutional Investors and Corporates build their investment portfolio in two ways. They either create a venture capital team internally from scratch, hiring talent and developing the culture, or they find trusted advisors. And we at FinLead have codified a set of best practices that allows institutional capital to gain knowledgeable access to ‘startups’ as an asset class. We work with our institutional partners right from the beginning, defining their investment strategy, creating deal pipelines, and advising on the existing ones. Through due diligence, we will corroborate and mitigate your risk, prequalify ideas, and will make sure you have a concierge experience during the transaction stages. We will provide actionable intelligence in simple templates and give our honest, qualitative opinions, and realistic indications.