Transaction advisory

To Merge, To raise capital, To invest, To acquire or To get acquired, all in itself is a major business. Construction of the intent of both sides of the transaction along with the execution of the intent is of paramount significance. At FinLead, our team of Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and other professionals with specialized training and years of experience handholds you and counterparty to negotiate and structure the deal. 

A successful M&A transaction (Mergers and Acquisitions) takes weeks and months to execute – the entrepreneurs, M&A advisors, and the counsels burning the midnight oil are the typical closing stories of every other M&A.

The real preparation starts much before and involves a number of strategic and operational tasks – development of the M&A thesis; arriving at (and driving) the valuations, gearing up for due diligence, setting up and installing internal controls, information systems and so on. Not all transactions happen in the natural course – most of them are driven by well-thought-out and thorough strategies developed and executed over a period.

Be it be private placements, start-up investments, mergers, acquisitions or hive offs, we work with clients to execute transactions successfully. With our solid experience in commercial, legal & tax optimal structuring of transactions, we ensure that the commercial intentions and expectations of all parties to the Transaction are achieved, while ensuring full compliance with applicable regulations. Over the years, we have helped numerous entrepreneurs to seek and close successful funding rounds/exits.
We, at FinLead, have handled multiple M&As end-to-end, with a niche focus in the technology sector – We work alongside the entrepreneurs to make sure that the deal is well conceptualized, well negotiated and well executed.