To transform the founder’s vision into a reality, relevant funding from the appropriate investor at the precise time is crucial. Pinning down the right founder and the right vision is the fundamental behind every lucrative investor. Our banking team at FinLead connects the dots and concludes the win-win deals.

Of all the asset classes that a strategic asset allocation model depends on for that elusive alpha, the venture bit delivers the most. Identifying those essential startups that align with your institutional vision would be pivotal in driving the strategic returns. Our team at FinLead have had various runs through the startup cycle.

To Merge, To raise capital, To invest. To acquire or To get acquired, all in itself is a major business. Construction of the intent of both sides of the transaction along with the execution of the intent is of paramount significance. At FinLead, our team of Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and other professionals with specialized training.

The blockchain big bang brought forth a revolution in the ideological perception of ‘Decentralization’ powered through cryptocurrencies. NFTs became dime a dozen, Web 3.0 manifested, and the use case genie got out of the bottle. The metaverses began expanding and our collective resources started revolving around DAOs’ orbits. Cart pullers began earning tokens playing video games all day and homeowners started trading hedge fund strategies in crypto exchanges to put down digital downpayments for real houses. ‘Transparent’, ‘trust less’, and ‘permission less’ systems of Web 3.0, solved the time old inefficiency of “why would I trust you?” with immutable action triggers etched in noble code. It became open to all and controlled by none. A new era has begun and we are well versed in its lingo. Let’s talk DeFi?

This is our bread and butter, whether it be financial modelling, transaction engineering or cap-table restructuring, FinLead has done it all. Working with startups requires a mindset and passion similar to startups. Having inculcated this in the DNA of our services, we have helped numerous entrepreneurs.