Investment banking

To transform the founder’s vision into a reality, relevant funding from the appropriate investor at the precise time is crucial. Pinning down the right founder and the right vision is the fundamental behind every lucrative investor.  Our banking team at FinLead connects the dots and concludes the win-win deals .

Every entrepreneur, in his growth reaches a launchpad where external capital becomes the fuel for launch. The scenario presents a myriad of considerations with far-reaching consequences for the business case. “Is it the right time to raise capital? Should I really give up my hard-earned equity? If so, how much should I sell and at what price, and at what cost? Who should I sell to? How do I find them? How do I convince them?”, the maze twists and turns.

It is at this rite of passage, that a true investment banker earns validation for the profession. It is an age-old playbook, with qualitative aptitudes defining the differentiation. As a natural evolution to our M&A and transaction advisory practices, FinLead now operates a boutique investor introduction agency within our umbrella. We ask tough questions to our entrepreneurs, we learn from them, we argue, we agree, and then we raise capital if we believe you have the right case. Once we believe you and your business case, we share the risk of your capital-raising endeavour. From the moment you sign an agreement with us, we assume fiduciary responsibility. We help you draw your pitch deck, draft your financial models to the decimal, evaluate your valuations, prepare clean data rooms, introduce pre-screened investors, train you on the art of pitching, negotiate, and then finally close the deal alongside you.