About Us

In May 2015, Kannan Surendran alongwith Sandheep Prakasan and Tony Sajan founded the brand FinLead as an advisory firm with whole focus in startup consulting and growth advisory services in technology ventures. In the Consulting business, Team FinLead handled a considerable number of start up investments and M&As over the years consolidating our position in startup advisory practice. FinLead today is a very strong brand for start-up advisory & transaction advisory services. Preparatory work (financial modeling in particular) that we offer for startup clients before they pitch to the investors/VC, has been the flagship of our start-up advisory practice. We were early to realize the impact of technology and analytics in the finance domain. We imbibed technology and analytics to the DNA of our team quite early. We acquired a technology outsourcing business (Logiticks) in 2017 which was merged with Simelabs. See more about the transaction here. We are always passionate about learning and understanding new technologies and changes happening around the tech world. Our Clients have always been the ambassadors of our success and growth. We love to go the extra mile for all of them.
Our journey continues and yes, we have miles to go before we sleep!!